Independent. Unbiased. Experts.

ICS provides customers a wide range of cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-responsible waste management and recycling solutions – independently and without bias. We analyze client waste flows to determine specific frequencies, bin sizes, compactor requirements and increase diversion rates. In addition, we fulfill annual mandatory waste audit requirements and source solutions for organic food wastes.

We provide a national, single point of contact for customer service and deliver exceptional results in helping clients reduce costs and improve environmental stewardship through our extensive suite of solutions and team of experienced professionals.

In addition, we are proud to offer clients third party waste audits and waste reduction plans geared to identifying savings and alternative recycling and reusing options that are not limited to the services offered by your current hauler or recycler. We ensure that all waste audits are fulfilling Ontario Regulations 102/94 and 103/94.

Consolidated billing, monthly invoice audits, vendor management and cost-reduction strategies are key features of our Value Proposition. Professional service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our Dedicated Team Delivers!

Facility waste audits

Recycling, including special items such as bulbs and batteries

Electronic recycling

Food and organics composting

Waste disposal

Waste management

Sensor tracking and measurement

Security services and monitoring solutions

Advisory services for sustainability and stewardship programs

Bio-hazard expertise, including pickup and disposal

Construction and medical waste

Waste bins & dumpster rentals

We deliver a unique and customizable integrated services offering to customers across the Canadian real estate industry. Contracted on an individual or collective basis, our customers rely on ICS as their one stop shop for their facility services needs.