Sustainable Solutions. Clean Green Commitment.


Think safe. Work safe.

ICS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. We have the technical components of H&S, QA and Environmental Stewardship to ensure service, compliance and risk mitigation. We take preventative measures to enhance the safety of our clients, their tenants and our employees and ensure that our training, inspections and reporting are in compliance with government agencies and company policy.

We foster a culture that promotes the health, safety and well being of all individuals through the implementation of health and safety programs and procedures that meet or exceed legislated requirements, including:

  • fully trained/certified in H&S standards and WHMIS regulations
  • strict enforcement of health and safety rules
  • extensive training on operation of all equipment
  • immediate reporting of injuries, accidents, unsafe conditions
  • thorough knowledge of emergency exit routes
  • know the location of all fire extinguishers
  • strict adherence for use of personal protective equipment
  • review impact of products and equipment on the environment
  • environmental assessments, energy and waste reduction
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) standards
  • ongoing training, learning and development

While at work, we are entrusted with great responsibility for the security of people, premises and belongings of our clients. We take that responsibility very seriously and consider it an important part of our job. ICS has a dedicated Client Ambassador who completes routine inspections including photos, and time and location stamps. Through our proprietary ICS ComplianceCockpit™, we provide summary and detailed reports to both clients and staff. This technology-enabled process provides significant advantages in consistency, communication and regular reporting.


We continuously work to integrate environmental responsibility into all aspects of our business. From superior green cleaning products and sustainable solutions to resource conservation, protecting our environment is important to us – at work and within the communities in which we live.

In daily operations and through corporate giving and employee volunteering – together, we strive to make a positive difference towards our environment.