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ICS provides smart technological solutions that deliver high-level reliability with optimal efficiency and accuracy. We are technology advocates. We provide smart technology and integrated systems solutions for efficient and effective water management and building automation to a variety of clients across the commercial sector.

We provide leading-edge water management technology, featuring consumption control, leak detection and remote shut-off. Our technology protects a building’s in-suite and common areas, as well as boilers, risers, main feeds and zones. The ICS solution includes sensors, meters and shut-off valves that utilize industry leading LoRaWan™ technology, combining a mobile APP and property management dashboard that allows for real-time tracking and alerts for water issues. ICS also provides a revolutionary solution that unifies business systems and devices through a single control interface. This interface is customizable and offers numerous features, such as detailed reporting, total command and advanced control.

Whether on location or around the world, fingertip access to real-time data enables ICS clients to reduce their operational costs and gain efficiencies through better resource management and risk mitigation.

Our Value Proposition is founded on extensive industry knowledge, broad expertise and proprietary technologies. Whether it's our building automation or intelligent water management solutions, we save your business time, money and frustration.

Our Dedicated Team Delivers!

Intelligent leak detection, mitigation and monitoring

Biometric access

Energy storage and management

Security patrol and real-time tracking

Remote surveillance and control

Intelligent building automation and control

Integrated facilities management dashboard

Smart sensor technologies

License plate recognition, access, control and tracking

We deliver a unique and customizable integrated services offering to customers across the Canadian real estate industry. Contracted on an individual or collective basis, our customers rely on ICS as their one stop shop for their facility services needs.