Construction. 24/7 Emergency Restoration.

ICS provides a wide range of emergency and scheduled construction services to customers across multiple industries, including commercial, industrial and multi-residential. We specialize in immediate mobilization and rapid response to emergencies requiring restorative care and attention, such as floods, fire, wind storms and other unplanned circumstances. Our goal is to achieve client business continuity. We also specialize in new builds and upgrades, such as interior construction and facility repair.

Our team of experienced construction professionals offer strategies to facilitate all project requirements. Clients who choose these services are able to see the commitment and quality ICS brings to the entire scope of the project. Our approach is client-focused, collaborative and cooperative, complete with highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Safety is our priority. We deliver quality workmanship in a safe and effective manner, and apply creativity to our construction solutions. With a trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers, we deliver results and best value for our clients. No matter the obstacle, we always find a way to make it work.

Our dedicated teams work closely with clients in demonstrating problem-solving abilities and superior service in creating the best experience possible – even under the most stressful circumstances. We communicate throughout every step of the project and honour all client deadlines and budgets.

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Disaster Recovery Emergency Support


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Project management

Capital improvements, new builds, upgrades

24 / 7 Disaster recovery, demolition, restoration

Emergency wind, water, fire mitigation

Environmental services

Infection control

Mould remediation

Asbestos abatement

Lead abatement

We deliver a unique and customizable integrated services offering to customers across the Canadian real estate industry. Contracted on an individual or collective basis, our customers rely on ICS as their one stop shop for their facility services needs.